National Grid

Educating multifamily dwelling owners and property managers about the benefits of upgrading energy efficiency.


National Grid, like all utilities in the U.S., is required to reduce its carbon footprint. The company, therefore, wants to help all of its customers reduce energy use. Increasing energy efficiency among heavy users — in this case, multifamily dwellings — helps the utility make large strides in their compliance efforts as well as helps customers save money.


Owners and managers of multifamily dwellings — though interested in helping their complexes and unit owners save money — hold back, fearing cost, mess, and disruption for condo owners and apartment renters. In some cases, they are not even aware of the energy-saving opportunities that exist.


A broad-based awareness campaign focused on the fact that with energy-efficiency upgrades, quality of life improves as you save money. We produced and strategically placed a series of digital ads, static and animated online banners, half-, full-page and classified print ads, a magazine belly band, a standalone two-sided insert also used as a hand-out, and direct-to-target emails and postcards. We penned articles debunking myths about energy-efficiency upgrades and supported trade show efforts.


Building management is taking advantage of energy-efficiency upgrades, tenants are spending less on energy, and National Grid is helping the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.