National Grid

Increased customer satisfaction and stimulated customer registration and trial during a new website launch.


National Grid, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world, was getting ready to launch a new website that would provide customers with a more intuitive, easier-to-navigate experience and unite the global company under one single URL. In the U.S., however, different regions would initially see different enhancements and also be subject to different requirements for account access. More than a million of its six million customers, for example, would be required to create new user IDs.


Create a multi-tiered educational program for both employees and customers, notifying them of enhancements to the website and new requirements for gaining access.


A four-week communications program to educate staff, notify and minimize questions from all affected customers, and train call center staff on how to effectively answer inquiries about the new enhancements.

National Grid’s call center staff was trained about the details of the conversion process and the site’s multiple enhancements to customers with a 125-page micro-site to help guide customers through all of the changes while on the phone.

All of National Grid’s six million customers were reached through bill inserts, email blasts, newsletter articles, on-hold messaging, social media channels and online banners – each customized by region, as not all would experience the same changes in features and services.

General staff was motivated to explore the new site through an Intranet-based Q&A employee sweepstakes, articles and posters.


According to a post-launch survey, there was a strong boost in customer satisfaction with the site from 46% pre-launch to 73% after launch. Within eight weeks, 347,888 of the one million customers requiring new sign-in IDs had made the conversion and 973,516 electronic payments were successfully processed.