How do you tap into the

revenue potential of your

strategic named accounts?



For most B2B companies, approximately 20% of customers make up 80% of sales revenue. Engage enables you to reach those prospects that represent your greatest opportunities for meaningful growth.


is proven

  • Accelerates sales quickly while building brand awareness to your most lucrative prospects or existing customers
  • Brings high ROI, including gross profit returns as high as 50X campaign cost
  • Delivers average meeting rates of 35% in the US, 45% in Europe and Canada
  • Leaves the selling to your experts; we sell meetings


  • Breaks through barriers to sales' high-value, named accounts and marketing's high-scoring prospects
  • Integrates easily with current marketing strategies or works as a stand-alone
  • Accelerates new product launches
  • Facilitates cross-selling and upselling

is turnkey

  • Confirms/identifies targets at the highest level of relevance for an optimized discovery experience
  • Crystallizes your key value proposition with concise messaging
  • Uses high-impact dimensional direct mail and other follow-up tactics to schedule meetings for your direct or channel partner salesforce
  • Continues outreach over the mid- and long terms
  • Executed in-house – ours

involves your team

  • Optimizes prospect company list by working with sales and marketing
  • Expedites scheduling by basing meeting times on each sales executive's schedule

captures intelligence

  • Provides metrics to date listing all targets, outcomes, assigned meeting dates per sales executive, requests by target, dates for desired future contact, and more in Executive Summary reports
  • Shows you what those you’re meeting with want to discuss and why others declined, fostering a fact-based approach to sales and marketing efforts