Traditional Case Studies


Mastercard and Ticketmaster

Increased market share from 15% to as high as 50% on tickets purchased with a Mastercard® through Ticketmaster on featured events.

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Mastercard PayPassTM

Produced pilot test of new product now being used globally.

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New York Pass®

Increased Mastercard's share of all telephone and internet sales of New York Pass 100% from an average of 22% to 45%.

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Optimizing a sponsorship program through strategic positioning and value-added enhancements.


To strengthen its presence and drive cardholder usage in the entertainment category, Mastercard entered into a five-year sponsorship program with Ticketmaster, America's largest ticket agency.


Optimize Mastercard's Ticketmaster sponsorship through its U.S. network of member banks and directly to cardholders.


Impressions developed a "Best Seats In The House" entertainment platform for Gold Mastercard cardholders through partnerships we created with the biggest Broadway shows and PACE Theatrical (now Clear Channel Entertainment), delivering entertainment benefits to 75% of all Gold Mastercard cardholders in 26 markets. Mastercard funded print advertising and cardholder direct mail, while the partners featured a special Mastercard-branded banner in all of their advertising highlighting the "Best Seats In The House" for those paying with Mastercard.


Mastercard enhanced its image in the entertainment category and increased market share from 15% to as high as 50% on the tickets purchased to the featured events.


Mastercard PayPass

New product introduction.

This credit card enhancement enables consumers to tap their cards against a special reader to complete a payment transaction. Impressions developed all merchant communications and educational incentive programs for a successful pilot test in Orlando which led to 700,000 global merchant locations now accepting PayPass cards.


Mastercard and The New York Pass

Destination marketing partnership.


Increase Mastercard card usage and gain visibility in New York City.


London Pass, a smart card product that gives consumers discounts and front-of-the-line access to attractions all over London, was being introduced in New York. Called the New York Pass, it was accepted at more than 40 attractions in and around the city. Impressions brought the concept of sponsorship to Mastercard as a way to increase its presence and share in the travel and entertainment market.


Impressions developed and negotiated the B2B partnership between Mastercard and New York Pass. Smart-card readers were installed at all participating New York Pass merchant establishments, and those who used a Mastercard to buy New York Pass cards got a "free day in New York" for each two-day card purchased. Impressions executed all marketing and advertising initiatives associated with this introductory promotion including magazine and newspaper advertising and a 40-foot billboard in Times Square.


45% of all telephone and Internet sales of New York Pass were completed with a Mastercard — up 100% from an average of 22% for general Mastercard purchases.


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