Traditional Case Studies

PR Newswire

Creating and implementing a corporate identity/branding campaign.


PR Newswire, the first news distribution service to electronically transmit news releases to the media, found itself in a classic dilemma. A major competitor and a number of younger news distribution companies were positioning themselves as more innovative and up-to-date than the stalwart PR Newswire.


A graphic and positioning makeover including strategically-driven corporate image advertising and new graphic standards. Creatively, the ideal concept would function as effectively in promoting specific products and services as in projecting a corporate image that is both sophisticated in style and substantive in message.


Impressions developed the "Word-within-a-Word" concept. The results? In a word, "Outstanding," said Mark Nowlan, Vice President of Marketing for PR Newswire. "Clearly, a word-based campaign speaks to our primary audience: public relations and investor communications professionals, most of whom write or edit their own articles, stories and press releases. Moreover, with the infinite possibilities for words within words, this concept could sustain itself over time, maintaining fresh, unexpected appeal."


The design treatment, clean type against brilliant color backdrops, became the signature that instantly identified PR Newswire. The concept reduced ad creative costs, helped maximize the media budget, and is easily applicable to multiple formats — from full-page tabloid ads and kit covers to small-space ads, jumbo postcards, wall posters, trade show units, email, online banners and more.

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